Zonzini Applications

    Applications of Zonzini's Electric Stair Climbers

    Zonzini stair climbing hand trucks and dollies, featuring robust electric motors, are capable of transporting a variety of goods, supporting a maximum load capacity of up to 400 kg (880 lbs). These versatile devices are well-suited for use on any staircase or surface. Zonzini stair climbers offer the option of being equipped solely with tracks or in a hybrid configuration with both tracks and wheels. The design of these climbers is focused on eliminating the physical strain associated with carrying heavy loads on stairs, regardless of the chosen model.

    With a diverse array of accessories, our stair climbers featuring tracks and hybrid electric stair-climbing dollies transform into versatile trolleys capable of transporting a wide variety of goods across any situation and surface. These machines are not only exceptionally powerful but also ensure the safe transportation of virtually any object.

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    Versatility, Safety, and Productivity

    Stoves and fireplaces

    Domino Plasmoid is engineered to transport stoves and fireplaces seamlessly across a range of flooring, from delicate indoor surfaces to rugged worksite environments.


    Skipper Plasmoid is specifically crafted to maneuver boilers on a variety of surfaces, ranging from delicate indoor floors to rugged outdoor worksites.


    Domino Plasmoid is tailored to manage industrial boilers and air-conditioners across diverse flooring, accommodating both delicate indoor surfaces and rugged outdoor worksites.

    Concrete Slabs

    Skipper Plasmoid is engineered to transport doors and windows across various floor types, ranging from delicate indoor surfaces to rugged outdoor worksites.


    Buddy Lift Plasmoid is incredibly user-friendly and specifically designed for moving electrical appliances with ease.

    Doors and Windows

    Skipper Plasmoid is engineered to transport doors and windows across various floor surfaces, accommodating delicate interiors as well as outdoor worksites

    Printers and Copiers

    Buddy Lift Plasmoid is engineered to effortlessly transport photocopiers across various floor surfaces, including the most delicate ones.


    Domino Plasmoid is designed to effortlessly move safes, even on delicate floors.

    Vending machines

    Domino Plasmoid is engineered to manage vending machines on various floor types, including the most delicate surfaces.


    Buddy Plasmoid is incredibly user-friendly, especially when moving boxes – a few uses reveal its straightforward and immediate operation.

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