Heavy load lifting equipment
in confined spaces

Large material and heavy handling equipment is available on the market for transporting heavy loads over rough terrain, but none of them can boast of being the most compact. 

There are more and more renovation projects in difficult-to-access terrains, maintenance projects in confined spaces, and complex emergency work to be carried out following events caused by climate change. 

Faced with these constraints, companies need to find new solutions to maximize worker efficiency as well as health and safety in these difficult conditions. 

Movex provides ultra-compact, remote-controlled heavy load lifting equipment no matter what challenges you face. 


Cross-Country 30

Great lifting capacity for the size of the all-terrain carrier.

Cross-Country 48

Exceptional capacity in a robust, and ultra-stable all-terrain carrier.

Mini Crawler Crane XC-270

The most compact all-terrain pick and carry crane on the market!

Cross-Country Utility

All-in-one carrier and installation device for pole-mounted transformers.

What are you dealing with?

  • Difficult access to backyards, difficult terrain or rugged environments (mud, snow, gravel, mountains, sand, forests, grass, etc.)
  • Heavy material lifting equipment is damaging your customers’ properties
  • The need to work at night without disrupting neighbours
  • Causing major noise pollution
  • High risk of operator injury 
  • Escalating operational and maintenance costs

How our solutions help

  • All-terrain carriers and heavy-duty machines that are as small as 30” wide, which can fit through fence openings and other tight spaces
  • Lightweight heavy material lifting equipment with a good wheelbase that offers great sturdiness without damaging property
  • Exceptional ground clearance with a round undercarriage that facilitates movement on slippery surfaces and extreme conditions
  • Ability to climb slopes of up to 40 degrees 
  • Electric material handling products that are much quieter than diesel equipment

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