Heavy-duty material-handling equipment
for the military / defence sector

Movex Innovation delivers practical solutions for the military and defence sectors. Our multi-purpose, ultra-compact material-handling equipment is designed for versatility, capable of operating as either a remote-controlled or unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). 

Tailored to meet specific mission needs, this platform addresses logistics challenges, reducing physical risks and streamlining tasks that are dangerous or repetitive. With the flexibility to integrate various sensors and navigation systems, our equipment can access challenging terrains that are often off-limits for larger vehicles. What’s more: the silent electric system ensures discreet operations, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments without the drawbacks of noise or emissions.

Designed for material-handling challenges in the military/defence sector

Cross-Country 48

Exceptional capacity in a robust, and ultra-stable all-terrain carrier.

Cross-Country 30

Great lifting capacity for the size of the all-terrain carrier.


The M-48 mini dozer boasts a high capacity for its size.

Mini Crawler Crane XC-270

The most compact all-terrain pick and carry crane on the market!

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Our heavy-duty material-handling equipment is perfect for

Transport of materials on rough terrains and remote areas for the military corps

Support infantry forces on battlefields with ‘’Follow-me’’ capabilities

Assist the Peace Corps, Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations in international work

Maintenance of mechanical units in military camps, such as generators

Sandbag transportation to build flood barriers following natural disaster

Transportation of mobile laboratories and containers in confined spaces

Can be used as a remote-controlled firefighter truck

Why choose Movex Innovation?

  • Robust and solid for heavy loads on stairs, uneven terrain and industrial environments
  • Ultra-compact for restricted and narrow spaces
  • Quiet and easy to operate for workers
  • Reduced required labor & labor costs
  • Decreased worker effort & risk of accidents
  • Zero emissions and odors

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