Custom-built material handling equipment

Movex Innovation stands at the forefront of custom ultra-compact material-handling equipment design and development. Our commitment to addressing unique challenges has made them a sought-after partner in developing solutions tailored to specific client requirements.
Whether it’s creating custom vehicles, integrating advanced technologies with other manufacturers, or delivering unmanned ground-vehicle equipment for challenging environments, Movex is synonymous with innovation, durability and reliability.

Custom design solutions for any challenge

Movex’s expertise in custom design solutions is evident in our ability to develop tailor-made ultra-compact material-handling equipment and accessories. With a team dedicated to understanding and addressing individual client needs, we transform challenges into efficient equipment designs. This bespoke approach ensures that every client receives a solution uniquely made for their operational challenges, maximizing productivity and safety.

Seamless OEM project integration

Collaboration is at the heart of Movex’s OEM project integration. By working with other manufacturers, we harness different technologies to create ultra-compact material-handling equipment for many applications. From integrating robotic arms to remote-controlled firefighter trucks to ensuring explosion-proof conversions (ATEX), our range of capabilities is expansive. This holistic approach ensures that clients benefit from the best of all technological worlds, seamlessly integrated under one solution.

Remote-controlled UGVs for rugged environments

Navigating challenging terrains and high-risk environments requires equipment that’s both robust and safe. Movex’s tele-operated unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) are meticulously designed to operate in confined spaces, such as tunnels, or handle sensitive tasks like transporting ammunition boxes in military fields and operations in radioactive environments. Operating without a human onboard, these UGVs are perfect for situations where an operator’s presence might be risky, inconvenient, or simply impossible. With Movex’s UGVs, tasks are executed efficiently, ensuring safety and performance at every turn.

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