MINIDOZER AL-27 | Mini loaders

The AL-27 MINIDOZER mini loader is a unique piece of equipment tailored for a diverse range of operational challenges.

Designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, it operates efficiently from -25°C in places like BC, Canada, to soaring highs of 80°C in regions like the Middle East. Its utilization is evident in aluminum smelters worldwide, a testament to its robustness.

The mini loader’s design also takes into account environments with a high concentration of suspended particle matter.

Furthermore, it’s equipped to function within electromagnetic fields exceeding 300 gauss, and its ultra-compact, low-profile design makes it versatile for various applications.

  • Electric / Zero emissions
  • Ultra-compact
  • Remote controlled
  • All-electric drive system, environmentally friendly and low carbon footprint
  • High energy conversion rate of 80%, minimum heat radiation and noise
  • No fan airborne dust, no diesel fuel and oil leaks, and no toxic NOX gas emissions
  • Improved operator health and safety with a 100 ft.+ remote control range
Mini-loader AL27 Aluminum Smelter basement cleaning
Mini-loader AL27 Aluminum Smelter potline cleaning
Mini-loader minidozer Aluminum Smelter potline cleaning
Remote-controlled loader Aluminum Smelter potline cleaning
Remote-controlled Mini-loader Aluminum Smelter
Low-profile loader cleaning

AL-27 highlights

Height: 22 <sup>5</sup>⁄<sub>16</sub> in Height: 22 516 in
Width: 27 <sup>3</sup>⁄<sub>4</sub> in Width: 27 34 in
Length: 112 <sup>3</sup>⁄<sub>4</sub> in Length: 112 34 in
Lifting capacity: 642 lb Lifting capacity: 642 lb

Typical applications

Cleaning operations and extraction of alumina under the potlines with a remote-controlled mini loader designed for an electromagnetic field environment.

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Comparison chart


Standard speed


Standard speed


Standard speed


Electro-magnetic field protections

Battery Powered

Wireless remote-controlled

Proportional remote-control

Zero-turn capability

Lifting rings

Interchangeable battery pack



112 3/4 in


27 3/4 in

Frame Height (Lowest position)

22 5/16 in

Frame Height (Highest position)

29 5/16 in

Bucket height (maximum)

62 1/2 in

Bucket height (maximum)

37 1/2 in


2375 lbs

Turning diameter

163 in

110 1/8 in

39 3/8 in

19 3/8 in

26 3/8 in

60 in

38 1/2 in

3000 lbs

162 in

110 in

50 in

22 in

29 in

59 1/4 in

38 1/2 in

3606 lbs

163 in


Lifting Capacity

642 lbs

Bucket Capacity

0.096 yd³

Max speed

66 ft/min

950 lbs

0.142 yd³

66 ft/min

1170 lbs

0.175 yd³

66 ft/min

Options & Accessories

Lighting system

Suction hose attachment

Forklit attachment

Hydraulic scrapper

3-in-1 deployable blade

Enlarged bucket


Elongated arm




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