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If you are considering buying or renting legacy skid steers or compact loaders, think again. Despite the fact that these types of equipment are sold as “compact,” they can’t fit into very tight spaces. For example, they cannot handle work in culverts to remove sediment, maintenance work for culvert cleanouts,  mines to remove ore deposits from under conveyors, or to remove debris. under electrolytic cells in aluminum smelters.

What’s more, these examples have one simple thing in common, apart from being about confined spaces. These are places where extreme temperatures can occur, where the environment is dangerous for employees, and where the proper functioning of the system is important not only for the company’s productivity but also for the smooth running of operations.

In the past, the only solution was to do this work by shovel, which put the health and safety of employees at risk, or shut down plants to let the work be carried out safely.  

But what if there was a better way? There is. With Movex Innovation’s minidozers. They are perfect culvert cleaning machines and for a wide range of other applications.

Electric Small Tracked-Loader Sediments Cleaning

Overcome your challenges with these Movex solutions


The M-27 is the most compact mini dozer in the world!


The M-48 mini dozer boasts a high capacity for its size.

What are you dealing with?

  • Working in very narrow or very low spaces
  • Substantial profit-gouging downtimes so that workers can carry out tasks safely
  • Reduced worker efficiency due to cumbersome equipment
  • Extreme work conditions (very hot or very cold temperatures, corrosive environments)
  • Airborne dust, risk of fuel and oil leaks and toxic emissions
  • Skyrocketing expenses, such as fuel and related engine consumables
  • Having to opt for expensive equipment
  • Cumbersome culvert cleanouts

How our solutions help

  • Remote-controlled mini loaders and culvert cleaning machines that can be easily operated anywhere
  • Rugged and durable equipment; never compromise on performance in extreme conditions
  • Low 22.5” profile suitable for high and low ceiling box culvert cleanouts and pipes
  • Lower total cost of ownership than diesel-powered and other types of equipment
  • Eliminate the need for ventilation fans on site
  • Reduction of the number of required workers
  • Improved operator health and safety
  • No dangers related to spills and fumes
  • Less maintenance, repair and service costs

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