Mini dumper roll-off remote-controlled indoor

Heavy-duty material-handling equipment
for construction / demolition

In today’s tight labour market and with production windows spanning 6 to 8 months out of the year, construction and demolition teams face constant pressure to maximize productivity and get jobs done faster than ever before. But what if these jobs were anything but run-of-the-mill, with your workers having to haul heavy loads in hard-to-access spaces?

And what if your current construction/demolition material-handling equipment can’t cut it because of their size—and the fact they don’t respect noise/environmental pollution regulations? With Movex Innovation, we help you overcome all these challenges.

All-terrain tracked robot construction material-handling

Designed for your construction/demolition material-handling challenges

Cross-Country 30

Great lifting capacity for the size of the all-terrain carrier.

Twin-Track 66

The TT-66 features the highest load capacity on stairs in the world.


The Mini-Dumper has a unique roll-off system that combines a stair climbing platform with a dumper.

Mini Crawler Crane XC-270

The most compact all-terrain pick and carry crane on the market!

What if we could help streamline your operations and boost your team’s productivity?

Our heavy-duty equipment is perfect for

Transportation of tools for rental companies

Move tools, such as generators, compressors, scaffolding, toolboxes, pumps and welding equipment on rough terrain and in restricted areas.

Transportation of building materials

Move into multi-level buildings and basements, such as steel beams, concrete slabs, granite plates, reel cable, plywood panels, doors, windows, etc.

Transportation of drilling equipment

Move all types of drilling equipment.

Transportation of raw materials

Ensure liquified concrete, asphalt or raw materials can be transported in confined spaces.

Material extraction

Extract residues, waste, concrete and ceramic waste, and construction materials from underground infrastructures or multi-level buildings.

Selective demolition and concrete chipping

Use our material-handling equipment in building sites and indoors to transport specialized tools, including mobile and compact jackhammers.

Refurbishing projects

Move materials and equipment for refurbishing projects of sports stadiums, buildings, subways, schools, hospitals, museums, etc.

Why choose Movex Innovation?

  • Available to rent
  • Robust and reliable equipment
  • Ultra-compact design for restricted and narrow spaces
  • Reduced required labor & labor costs
  • Decreased worker effort & risk of accidents
  • Improved worker productivity
  • Zero emissions

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