Customer Story – Noréa Foyers

Written by leonard | November 27th 2023


“I give them a 5-star rating! When staircases are narrow and we have to [carry] a heavy load, the Zonzini stair climber exceeds our expectations.”

—Christian Lamontagne, Noréa Foyer Vaudreuil-Dorion President

Customer Snapshot:

Christian Lamontagne is the president of Noréa Foyers Vaudreuil (formerly Foyer-Gaz), one of the oldest fireplace companies in Quebec. This company has been in business since 1988 and now has 17 employees. One of the priorities of this fireplace company is to provide unmatched service to all its customers.


It is important for Noréa Foyer Vaudreuil to guide the clients to the products that suit them best according to their employee’s knowledge. The hearth and fireplace specialist also wants to surpass the environmental standards of Quebec. Customer service is important to Mr. Lamontagne: “Our technicians ensure that your products are correctly and safely installed, respecting the highest standards in the industry.”


Christian’s goal is “to strengthen our leadership position in the industry and to maintain it by supporting our experienced installers.”

Christian’s Challenges:

A fireplace distributor requires installers to deliver the fireplaces directly to the customers. Due to a huge variety of products, fireplaces might weigh between 350 lb and 750 lb.


Christian says, “Carrying heavy loads often ruins the careers of experienced installers. Back pain, knee injuries and other pain related to these efforts reduce the physical capacity of the people concerned.” If Christian and his company did not have the Domino Automatic, they would have had no choice but to decrease the number of their deliveries. They would also have renounced installations of products with excessive weights (fireplaces, inserts and wood stoves).


Before discovering the Domino Automatic from Zonzini, they had a hydraulic system with which they had to control the balance by themselves. They realized that this product was dangerous for users and after a few tries they decided to put it aside.

The Domino Automatic is the Solution:


It was while surfing the internet that Christian discovered the Zonzini’s Stairclimber: The Domino Automatic. After a demonstration at the Movex Innovation location, they decided to go for this solution because of the “ease of use and weight balance.” After a short morning training, Noréa Foyers Vaudreuil installers were ready to operate it.


After 8 months of use, Christian states that “installers can start their jobs quickly without having to take breaks since physical efforts are reduced by 80%. Installers are therefore more focused on the task and not on the best method possible to avoid injuries.”


We asked him how the Domino Automatic strengthened his competitive advantage and here is what he had to say: “During a season, the competitors often reduce the installations precisely because of injuries, but not us. We can do the installations with reduced risk, thanks to the Domino Automatic.”

Download the full brochure of the Domino Automatic.

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Here is what Christian has to say about the whole experience with Movex Innovation and Zonzini:


“The Zonzini Product is a useful product at the cutting edge of technology and we are happy to have it as equipment.

An industry like ours may have awesome equipment like the Zonzini stair climber, but the people behind this technological gem have incredible knowledge. So, I would like to say a sincere thank you to the people of Movex for their professionalism and dedication during our meetings and demonstrations.

We could test the product, understand how it works and modify some additions to make the product versatile to certain tasks.”

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