Zonzini Skipper Plasmoid stair climbing robot

Skipper Plasmoid

Movex Innovation is the official distributor of Zonzini’s Skipper Plasmoid stair-climbing robot. It is a versatile electric stair-climbing hand truck, tailored for moving tall items like windows, doors, and elevated furniture. Equipped with adaptive tracks, it glides effortlessly over any stair or floor type. For those transporting doors, windows, and similar items, the Skipper Plasmoid is your go-to tool.

  • Electric stair climber with tracks suitable for all types of stairs and floor surfaces
  • Automatic load tilt: The stair crawler hand truck chooses the safest and optimal inclination
  • One-finger maneuverability joystick
  • Perfect for loads over 74 in, with a high center of gravity, or a well-balanced load
  • Load calibration system
  • Non-marking tracks
Stair climber for tall loads
Furniture stair climber dolly
Skipper for countertop
Stair climber for doors and windows
Stair robot for countertops
Stair crawler for tall cyllinders

Zonzini Skipper Plasmoid stair climbing robot highlights

Lifting capacity: 880 lb

Lifting capacity: 880 lb

Width: 15 3/5 in

Width: 15 3/5 in

Max inclination of stairs: 45°

Max inclination of stairs: 45°

Self levelling base, with stabilisation arm

Self levelling base, with stabilisation arm

Typical products that can be lifted

Concrete slabs

Doors and windows

Pool and game tables


Fire cylinders

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