Stair Climbing Crane TT-270 | Mini-Telescopic Crane| Stair crawlers and urban carriers

The Twin-Track TT-270 stair climbing crane is an innovative solution that combines a powerful crane with our stair climbing platform. It offers versatile lifting, making it ideal for moving heavy loads on job sites and multi-level buildings. It’s the only crane specially designed for stair climbing, thanks to its unique geometry, traction and stability. Its low height enables it to pass through the entrances to public buildings. Revolutionize your material handling with this cutting-edge equipment.

  • Electric / Zero emissions
  • Ultra-compact
  • Remote controlled
  • The only stair climber with a telescopic crane on the market designed specifically for stairs
  • Can easily pass through a human door
  • 2 in 1 equipment: the telescopic crane is mounted on a removable interface. It can be removed to use the TT-66 (stair climber/urban carrier) as a simple transporter.

TT-270 highlights

Width : 30 in Width : 30 in
Load capacity 8.5 ft reach: 2200 lb Load capacity 8.5 ft reach: 2200 lb
Pick and Carry Capabilities: 500 lb Pick and Carry Capabilities: 500 lb
Turning diameter : 70 in Turning diameter : 70 in

Typical applications

Lifting construction materials in multi-level buildings
Installation of building mechanical systems (HVAC)
Installation and replacement of hydraulic switches in underground metro stations

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Battery Powered

Wireless remote-controlled

Zero-turn capability

Built-in charger

Motion and tilt Alarm

Advanced speed control

Automatic gradient/speed monitoring

Motor brake

Upgradable and configurable software

2-in-1 equipment (removable crane)

Lifting rings

Stair-climbing capability


All-terrain capability

Pick & Carry capability





80 3/4 in


30 1/2 in


88 1/2 in


2875 lbs

Ground Clearance

9 in

Turning diameter

91 in

80 3/4 in

30 1/2 in

80 3/4 in

2470 lbs

2 1/8 in

91 in


Lifting capacity (At maximum reach)

1100 lbs at 16' 5''

Lifting capacity (In front of the equipment)

2090 lbs at 8' 9''

Lifting capacity (with optional manual extension)

770 lbs at 19' 8''

Max crane rotation


Max payload on platform

2200 lbs

Max pitch angle (when moving the machine)


Max roll angle (when moving the machine)


Max speed (leveled surface)

200 ft/min

1100 lbs at 16' 5''

2200 lbs at 8' 2''

770 lbs at 19' 8''


500 lbs



200 ft/min

Options & Accessories

Portable winch

Manual extension 4ft


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