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Hand Trucks
For Stairs

Staircases have always posed challenges when it comes to transporting heavy loads, but in recent years, new constraints have added further complexity to this arduous task. Labour shortages and the growing importance of health and safety in the workplace all add to the challenge of transporting heavy loads up and down stairs.

Faced with these constraints, employers need to find solutions to make their business more efficient and productive, such as conveyors, overhead cranes, elevators or in-house solutions to overcome the challenge of moving heavy loads up and down stairs. However, for companies that can’t afford these solutions for monetary reasons, or due to lack of space, there has to be a better way.

And that’s where Movex Innovation steps in with electric hand trucks for stairs.

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Overcome your challenges with these Movex solutions

Twin-Track 66

The TT-66 features the highest load capacity on stairs in the world.

Twin-Track 47

The TT-47 is extremely agile and heavy-duty for its size.

Stair Climbing Crane TT-270

The only telescopic crane in the world that can travel on stairs!


The Mini-Dumper has a unique roll-off system that combines a stair climbing platform with a dumper.

What are you dealing with?

  • Transporting heavy loads up and down stairs, where other equipment can’t reach
  • Inefficient legacy hand trucks that climb stairs
  • Moving loads in underground worksites where elevators and escalators are not available
  • Transporting goods or equipment in highly corrosive environments
  • Risk of injury to the operator
  • Cumbersome hand trucks for stairs that lack optimal ergonomics and cannot adapt to each worker’s tasks
  • Restricted spaces
  • Shortage of manpower
  • Mounting operating costs
  • Varied load dimensions

How our solutions help

  • Electric truck for stairs and urban carriers enable users to operate the machine from a distance, away from danger
  • No diesel fumes for inside work 
  • Reduced worker strain to carry a heavy load up stairs, minimizing the risk of injury
  • Ultra-compact solutions that can access most types of stairs and can cross standard doorframes
  • Very short turning radius for small landings
  • Decreased manpower required for a job to resolve issues with a labour shortage and production constraints
  • Electric hand truck for stairs that keeps operating and maintenance costs very low
  • Versatile and customizable solutions to meet different workloads, with a  multitude of options and accessories 
  • Can be transported with a standard pick-up truck

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