Customer Story – Chicago Architectural Contractors

Written by leonard | November 27th 2023


“Acquiring the Domino Automatic has been the best investment we have made [for] our company.”

—Michael Ingraffia, Owner of Chicago Architectural Contractors

Customer Snapshot:

Michael is the owner of Chicago Architectural Contractors, a concrete renovation company he started over 20 years ago. The organization has 17 employees trained to have the same high level of expertise to deliver consistency to their customers.


With them, you get the best service, regardless of which team members performs the job. Some of their services include: Polished concrete and maintenance, stained and decorative concrete, stamped concrete, self-levelling overlays, epoxy flooring and terrazzo restoration.


The business cares about the health and safety of their customers and their team members. Besides following the OSHA guidelines, their main objective at this time is to safely move their equipment to their work area. Giving so much importance to health and safety measures explains why Michael decided to purchase the Domino Automatic.

Michael’s Challenges:

Before purchasing Zonzini’s stair climber, they “would use refrigerator dollies and approximately 4–5 employees to move [their] heavy equipment up and down the stairs.” There is no doubt that it was compromising Michael’s workforce safety.


His team and himself were often moving a heavy concrete floor grinder that can weigh over 800 pounds. Worried to see his employees compromising their safety, he decided to periodically rent an appliance dolly to climb stairs. This basic dolly facilitated the transportation of their equipment on stairs, but there was still a risk for their safety.


This solution did not reduce the manual labour needed for transporting their bulky concrete grinder. Michael then concluded that enough is enough and he needed to find a better alternative.

The Domino Automatic is the Solution:


Michael needed a solution that would increase the safety of his employees, decrease the required manual labour and increase productivity when moving heavy loads. He started searching through Google for a better product that would help him achieve his goals.


After watching many videos of the Domino Automatic, he decided that it was the best solution for him and his team. I asked him what features he appreciates the most of the Domino Automatic and here is his answer: “Definitely the ease of use, the automatic levelling and the fact that I only need one employee to move our equipment up and down the stairs.”

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With the Domino Automatic, he is now able to contract projects he would normally pass up since he could not move his heavy equipment on the job site. He also observed an increase in productivity, reduced manpower needed for the job, better time management and an increase in safety for his employees.


I asked him if he could quantify the results of using the Domino Automatic and he said: “I could save tens of thousands of dollars.” He was also able to save about 100 hours on his total operations since acquiring the Stair Crawler. He also mentioned that he uses to hire 3 times the manpower to set up and break down a job. With all those results, he can now offer his services with a price below competition.

Here is what Michael has to say about the whole experience with Movex Innovation and Zonzini:


“Acquiring the Domino Automatic has been the best investment we have made (for) our company. I would highly recommend this product to other professionals who need to move bulky loads. The team at Chicago Architectural would like to thank the Movex Team for advising us a product that provides safety and reduced fatigue to our employees. The time and money saved by using the stair crawler are astronomical.”

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