Zonzini Buddy Lift Plasmoid hand truck

Buddy lift

Movex Innovation is the official distributor of Zonzini’s Buddy Lift Plasmoid hand truck. It is redefining how furniture and equipment are moved up and down stairs. This versatile electric hand truck, equipped with wheels and adaptive tracks, ensures safety and unmatched maneuverability for all transport challenges. Its self-loading feature, coupled with an electric load pick-up, is ideal for home deliveries.

  • Recognized as the market’s quickest and most agile stair climber hand truck
  • Capable of effortlessly navigating stairs, curbs, and various obstacles
  • Lightweight design, offering ease of control compared to other high-end stair-climbing hand trucks
  • An electric load lifting system can lift loads up to 24 inches
  • Electric load pick-up
  • Extremely stable thanks to the anti-slip tracks
  • Perfect for all types of stairs
  • Can be transported in any van
Stair climbing dolly
Stair dolly photocopier
Stair Hand Truck Printer
Stair trolley printer

Zonzini Buddy Lift Plasmoid hand truck

Lifting capacity: 440 lb

Lifting capacity: 440 lb

Weight: 159 lb

Weight: 159 lb

Speed: 47 steps/minutes

Speed: 47 steps/minutes

Electric load lifting system, can lift a load at 24

Electric load lifting system, can lift a load at 24"

Typical products that can be lifted




Household appliances

Gas cylinders

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