Heavy-duty material-handling equipment
for box culverts and tunnels

Are you in charge of cleaning out and maintaining water and storm infrastructure that includes box culverts, pipes and tunnels? Is removing sediments and debris a challenge? Do your workers struggle with manual tools and in hazardous wet and muddy conditions to prevent flooding?

Movex Innovation’s box culvert and tunnel material-handling equipment features very compact designs with low profiles that make culvert work a breeze without sacrificing operator health and safety.

Designed for your box-culvert and tunnel material-handling challenge


The M-27 is the most compact mini dozer in the world!


The M-48 mini dozer boasts a high capacity for its size.

What if we could help streamline your operations and boost your team’s productivity?

Our heavy-duty material-handling equipment is perfect for

Tunnel maintenance

Culvert and box culvert cleaning

Round culvert/pipe cleaning

Why choose Movex Innovation?

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Most efficient & effective culvert cleaning equipment
  • Compact for access to most culverts
  • Reduced required labor & labor costs
  • Decreased worker effort & risk of accidents
  • Improved worker productivity
  • Zero emissions

Trusted by the biggest names around the world

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