Zonzini Domino Plasmoid stair climbing robot

Domino Plasmoid

Movex Innovation is the authorized distributor of Zonzini’s Domino Plasmoid, a stair-climbing robot. It effectively transports heavy loads, with a maximum capacity of 880 lbs, across different types of stairs. The robot’s flexibility is well-suited for narrow spiral staircases and small landings.


  • Equipped with smooth, non-marking tracks suitable for both residential and commercial use
  • Features a load calibration system to optimally maintain the load’s center of gravity
  • Compact and portable, easily fits in delivery vans, pick-ups, and smaller vehicles
  • Perfect for loads under 74 in, with a low center of gravity
  • Self-levelling base with a load calibration system
  • Non-marking tracks
  • Operated with a joystick
  • Stabilization arm (optional)
Stair climbing robot

Zonzini Domino Plasmoid Stabilized stair climbing robot

Lifting capacity: 880 lb

Lifting capacity: 880 lb

Width: 22 1/2 in

Width: 22 1/2 in

Max inclination of stairs: 45°

Max inclination of stairs: 45°

Typical products that can be lifted

Stoves and ovens

HVAC systems


Printers and copiers


Vending machines

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