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Movex Innovation is a game-changer in heavy-load transportation and heavy handling. In today’s fast-paced world, where efficiency and safety are your top priority, our cutting-edge ultra-compact and remote-controlled material handling solutions have been designed to meet the unique challenges faced in diverse terrains and settings. 

Whether it’s navigating urban staircases or moving loads across rugged terrain. Movex Innovation has got you covered. Here’s how we’re redefining the industry:

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What if we could help streamline your operations and boost your team’s productivity?

What material handling challenges are you dealing with today?

Pick and carry

Looking for electrical material-handling equipment that can pick and carry heavy loads? You are not...

Clear sediments

If you are considering buying or renting legacy skid steers or compact loaders, think again. Despite the fact that...

Heavy loads in confined spaces

Large material and heavy handling equipment is available on the market for transporting heavy loads over rough...

Conquer stairs

Staircases have always posed challenges when it comes to transporting heavy loads, but in recent years, new...

What if we could help streamline your operations and boost your team’s productivity?

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