Electrical Pick and Carry
material handler

Looking for electrical material-handling equipment that can pick and carry heavy loads? You are not alone.

Traditional heavy-duty equipment, despite their robustness and capabilities, often cannot reach challenging areas. Their sheer size and design limitations restrict maneuverability, making it a huge task to access tight spaces or navigate rugged job sites. This often results in unwanted collateral damage to properties due to their wide turning radius and heavy weights. 

Moreover, these machines are notorious for the noise pollution they generate, which can be disruptive for workers as well as nearby residents and businesses. Their designs aren’t particularly ergonomic, making prolonged operation a strain for operators. The greenhouse gas emissions from these traditional machines are harmful to the environment, which can impact a company’s ESG targets.


Let Movex Innovation’s mini crawler crane, an electric material handler, do the heavy lifting for you—in a greener and quieter way.

Compact electric telescopic crane generator installation

Overcome your challenges with these Movex solutions

Mini Crawler Crane XC-270

The most compact all-terrain pick and carry crane on the market!

What are you dealing with?

  • Difficult access to backyards or other difficult terrain
  • Heavy equipment damaging your customers’ properties
  • The need to work at night without disrupting neighbours
  • Causing major noise pollution
  • The need to rent a large crane for a small task

How our solutions help

  • Movex’s mini crawler crane is the only compact electric material handler on the market that can lift a significant amount of weight and transport it on its platform
  • Tailored for crane rental companies, industrial material handling, and routine and extraordinary maintenance operations
  • Reduce the need for the rental of large equipment, such as big cranes, and no need to install crane pads
  • Pick-and-carry capability decreases the number of equipment required for the task
  • No need for a certified crane operator, which reduces costs
  • All-terrain carriers that are as small as 30” wide, which can fit through fence openings and other tight spaces
  • Lightweight electric material-handling equipment with a good wheelbase that offers great sturdiness without damaging property
  • Electric material handlers are much quieter than diesel equipment and emit zero emissions

What if we could help streamline your operations and boost your team’s productivity?

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