Confined spaces minidozer electric remote-controlled

Heavy-duty equipment
for mining and metals

Do you oversee operations in a mine? Are you responsible for mining maintenance and cleaning tasks? Then, you must be concerned about the impact traditional heavy-duty equipment has on worker health and safety as well as carrying out your work as efficiently as possible to minimize downtimes.

Does your staff still use manual tools, like shovels, to carry out their jobs? Movex Innovation’s ultra-compact mining and metals material-handling equipment helps you to overcome the complex challenges in mining operational workflows.

Compact loader mining conveyor belt cleaning

Designed for your mining and metals material-handling challenges


The M-27 is the most compact mini dozer in the world!


The M-48 mini dozer boasts a high capacity for its size.

What if we could help streamline your operations and boost your team’s productivity?

Our heavy-duty material-handling equipment is perfect for

Cleaning up minerals and other bulk material under conveyors without stopping conveyor

Transportation of mechanical parts for maintenance projects

Replacement of conveyor belt rollers, motors and bearings or maintenance work inside ore processing plants

Why choose Movex Innovation?

  • Robust and reliable equipment
  • Ultra-compact design for restricted and narrow spaces
  • Low vehicle height
  • Impressive bucket capacity and operation speed
  • Reduced required labour & labour costs
  • Decreased worker effort & risk of accidents
  • Improved worker productivity

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