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Movex Innovation’s Mini-Dumper is an ultra-compact and versatile piece of equipment that combines a stair-climbing base with a dumper. It revolutionizes waste management by allowing easy transportation of waste up and down the stairs, or on any type or terrain. With customization options and competitive advantages, it’s the perfect choice for efficient and reliable waste disposal in various applications.

  • Electric / Zero emissions
  • Ultra-compact
  • Remote controlled
  • Unique roll-off system that combines a stair climbing platform with a dumper
  • Equipped with a hydraulic lifting device
  • The only mini-dumper on the market that can go up and down stairs, carry heavy bulk, and swap bins for increased productivity.
  • Best solution for underground restoration and demolition projects that require moving materials up and down stairs
  • Versatile as it can be used with various types of transport containers (concrete containers, waste containers, asphalt containers, etc.)
  • The hydraulic lifting device can also be fitted with other type of accessories such as cabinet lifting device and drum lifting device

Mini-Dumper highlights

Climbs loads up to 600 lb (40° slope) Climbs loads up to 600 lb (40° slope)
Max. load of up to 1500 lb (flat) Max. load of up to 1500 lb (flat)
Vehicle width of 35 <sup>3</sup>⁄<sub>4</sub> in Vehicle width of 35 34 in
Volume capacity of 45 pi³ Volume capacity of 45 pi³

Typical applications

A wide range of construction and demolition applications
Renovation/restoration/refurbishment projects
Transportation of materials, waste, etc.
Can be used to extract materials out of multi-level building or basement

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