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The HD-27 is an ultra-compact 27” industrial carrier designed to transport heavy loads with ease in industrial environments. With its impressive lifting capacity of up to 6,000 pounds (2.7 Tons) on flat surfaces, they are the go-to solution for various industries, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in heavy-duty applications.

  • Electric / Zero emissions
  • Ultra-compact
  • Remote controlled
  • Can move up to 2.7T
  • Strongest industrial platform on the market for its ultra-compact size

HD-27 heavy-duty industrial carrier highlights

Flat surface capacity: 2.7 T Flat surface capacity: 2.7 T
Width: 27 in Width: 27 in
Turning diameter: 73 in Turning diameter: 73 in

Typical applications

Transporting and moving very loads on flat surfaces
Installations of busbars in aluminum smelters
Can be used under heavy machinery (such as mining & earth-moving machinery, loader, dozer) to remove and replace motors, mechanical components and guards

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Comparison chart

Heavy-Duty 27

Standard speed

Heavy-Duty 34

Standard speed

Heavy Lifter

Standard speed


Battery Powered

Wireless remote-controlled

Zero-turn capability

Built-in charger

Built-in scissor lift and rotative table





60 5/8 in


27 in


10 3/4 in


1110 lbs

Ground Clearance

2 5/8 in

Turning diameter

73 in

60 5/8 in

34 in

13 3/4 in

1200 lbs

2 5/8 in

91 in

73 in

46 in


3388 lbs

2 5/8 in

97 in


Height (Deployed table)


Height (Retracted table)


Load bearing capacity: 30 degrees

2500 lbs

Load bearing capacity

6000 lbs

Max speed

66 ft/min




Up to 11023 lbs

46 ft/min

78 1/2 in

29 1/2 in


Up to 8000 lbs

44 ft/min

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