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Go where others can’t. Movex Innovation’s remote-controlled material-handling equipment and electric material-handling solutions are safe and reliable for jobs in confined spaces, stairs and hard-to-reach areas. Experience the difference with Movex, your automated material-handling manufacturer and partner.


We tackle the challenges of your material-handling operations head-on.

Carry heavy loads up and down stairs

Don’t fear stairs ever again. Find out how our remote-controlled and ergonomic urban and stair carriers help to reduce worker injury and get the job done.

Move heavy loads in confined spaces and through any terrain

Explore our all-terrain carriers that can move heavy loads and go anywhere—in even the roughest, tightest spaces.

Get rid of sediment and debris from anywhere

Accelerate workers’ cleaning operations and reduce downtimes with Movex Innovation’s mini-loaders that can be operated in narrow and low areas.

Pick and carry any heavy load

No matter how confined a space is, our ultra-compact electrical mini telescopic cranes maximize efficiency and slash downtimes.

What if we could help streamline your operations and boost your team’s productivity?

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Rugged remote-controlled material-handling equipment. Agile operation. Unbeatable performance

Stair crawlers and urban carriers

All-terrain carriers

Mini loaders

Mini-Telescopic Crane

Industrial carriers

Custom Equipment

Zonzini Stair Climbers

Certified distributor of Zonzini equipment


Domino Plasmoid Stabilized

Safest and strongest stair climber for residential and commercial deliveries, with a stabilization arm

Skipper Plasmoid

Best residential and commercial stair crawler for high and heavy loads

Buddy lift

Fastest stair climbing dolly with a lifting plate

Trusted by the biggest names around the world


Construction / Demolition


Aluminum smelters


Box Culvert and Tunnel



Building Services (HVAC)

General Handling


Military / Defence

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Parts repair/maintenance

Parts, repairs and maintenance

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About Movex Innovation

Since 2001, Movex has been cranking out electric, remote-controlled equipment for heavy-duty and material-handling solutions. Ultra-compact, ergonomic, clean, and robust, they can haul anything—up stairs, through tight spots, or over rough terrain.

Whether you’re in construction, electrical work, or mining, our solutions make your team’s job safer and easier. We’ve got a North American reputation for quality and innovation, so you know you’re getting the real deal. When you need a reliable electric material handling manufacturer, rely on Movex Innovation.

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