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Electric material-handling
equipment rentals

Rent with ease. Deliver with confidence.

At Movex Innovation, we understand that not every project requires a permanent equipment commitment. Our premier range of material-handling equipment rentals is on standby and ready for rent across North America, ensuring you have access to the best tools exactly when you need them, without the burden of long-term ownership.

From temporary needs to pilot projects and seasonal demands, our equipment rentals caters to every scenario. No more worrying about storage, maintenance, or depreciating assets. Take advantage of top-of-the-line equipment, ready to integrate into your operations. Movex Innovations is where performance meets convenience.

Struggling with a specific material handling issue? We can help.

Why choose Movex Innovation for material-handling rental equipment?

  • Proven track record in developing ultra-compact remote-controlled equipment for the needs of many sectors, including mines, construction, box culverts, railways, electrical utilities, and many more
  • Go where others can’t. Our electricity-powered equipment is safe and reliable for jobs in confined spaces, stairs and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Easy to transport. Easy to operate. Easy to get the job done with less staff.

Rent vs buy?

  • Save on CAPEX and OPEX by renting only what you need, when you need it
  • Eliminate the need to maintain, repair and service equipment
  • Reduce operator health and safety risks thanks to our remote-controlled equipment for rent



  • As strong and robust as diesel-powered heavy-duty equipment
  • Decrease fuel costs that keep increasing and increasing
  • Opt for emissions-free, leak-free alternative equipment rentals

Overcome your challenges with these Movex solutions

Twin-Track 66

The TT-66 features the highest load capacity on stairs in the world.


The M-27 is the most compact mini dozer in the world!


The M-48 mini dozer boasts a high capacity for its size.

Cross-Country 30

Great lifting capacity for the size of the all-terrain carrier.


The Mini-Dumper has a unique roll-off system that combines a stair climbing platform with a dumper.

Mini Crawler Crane XC-270

The most compact all-terrain pick and carry crane on the market!

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