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By promoting Zonzini’s Domino Automatic to your members, they get a 4% discount and you get a 3% commission.

The partner program is for organizations that would like to add easy revenue by promoting our stair climbers to their clients, their members, their colleagues, their agents, etc. It’s easy, you just have to promote our product and give your ” partner code” to potential buyers. When they contact us, they must give us the ” partner code ” and we will apply the discount and send you your commission. This is the perfect way to make money with little work.

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Become a Partner

4 easy steps to earn your commission

Select a free template for promotion

Pick between a variety of email templates, blog templates, social media templates, etc.

Share a link on your social network

Share a video of our product and include the link to our website.

Send your custom Partner Code

Send your partner code to your members who would benefit from using the Domino Automatic.

Get your commision

Once a customer buys the product using your Partner Code, they will have a 4 % discount and we will give you a 3% commission

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