The aluminum industry is confronted with a common problem: elimination of surplus alumina and baths (solids and powders) below the electrolysis vats.

Cleaning under the electrolysis vats and the use of combustion vehicles creates alumina dust that remains suspended. Suspended alumina dust can cause respiratory problems in workers.

At Movex, we are aware of the dangers and health and safety risks to which workers are exposed when carrying out such operations. That is why we developed aluminum smelters equipment, the MINIDOZER. The MINIDOZER is a remote-controlled electrical vehicle with a long runtime that is designed to clean under the potlines and that is resistant to high temperatures and magnetic fields.

We offer effective, efficient, and safe solutions that make it possible to:

  • Clean under the potlines
  • Handle raw materials
  • Set up generator units
  • Handle bulk materials
  • Handle industrial maintenance equipment

Track-O equipment models we recommend for your potline basement cleaning projects:

Several Aluminum Smelters Use our Vehicles:

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