The Track-O stair climbing equipment moves safely up to 1,100 lb loads up and down stairs with ease and very light physical effort. The electric motorized stair climber provides all the lifting and has a safety braking system which reduces risk of accidents. Stair climbing equipment Track-O is easy and safe to operate, only one operator is required. The Track-O battery powered stair climber can be remotely controlled using just a simple remote control.

The Track-O stair climbing truck is ideal for the handling of:

  • large and heavy boxes
  • vending machines
  • pianos & organs
  • household appliances
  • juke boxes
  • video game & slot machines
  • money changers & ATM’s
  • safes & fireproof file cabinets
  • filing cabinets & photocopiers
  • spas
  • woodstoves
  • boilers
  • furnaces
  • chillers


  • heat exchangers
  • HVAC units
  • barrels and drums
  • hospital supplies
  • generator sets (motors, gearboxes, pumps, etc.)
  • compressed gas cylinders
  • waste disposal
  • production equipment
  • transformers
  • wire reels
  • roof & wall panels
  • concrete & cement bags
  • construction debris
  • cellular cabinets

The battery powered stair climber Track-O has been specifically developed with rubber tracks to be able to work on all type of terrain, indoors and outdoors, over grass, gravel, sand or even snow. The tracked stair crawler delivers a great traction and offers an efficient weight distribution regardless of changes in the operating conditions.


The Track-O electric stair climbing truck is also a Swiss knife. There are a multitude of attachments available for your Track-O stair climbing truck such as a jib crane, scissor lift table or a drum loading device and much more by using a quick-connect system (Plug ‘n Play type). Save money with your multifunctional stair climbing equipment Track-O!