Take your operations to new heights with the Mini Crawler Crane!

Have you ever wondered how were you going to carry that heavy equipment up and down the stairs or lift that equipment a little further? Worry no more! We’ve got the solution: the Mini Crawler Crane!

The Mini Crawler Crane is a safe material handling solution designed to carry heavy equipment in stairs, confined spaces, and hard-to-reach areas!



Made from Steel/Aluminium

Height: 78.5 inches

Weight: 2270 lb (1032 kg)

Crane reach: 16.5 feet (5 m)

Crane Capacity: 1100 lb (500kg)

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Why choose the Electric Mini Crawler Crane?


No Harmful Emissions

Our mini crawler cranes are electric-powered, which means there are no harmful emissions produced compared to diesel fuel that produces nitrous oxides, hydrocarbons, and particulates. Electric-powered also means no noise pollution, dust, and fumes produced by the machine.

Extremely Compact

Can Fit Through Most Doorways

The narrow bodies of our mini crawler cranes are engineered to access places even with the most challenging and restricted areas. Their low-profiled and extremely compact frames can fit through most doorways.

Ease of Use

Reduce downtime for operators and decrease the risk of injury on the job. Contribute to a more consistent result. Causes less fatigue than manual machine operations. vibration and noise are also eliminated or decreased. Reducing the physical requirement of brute strength also expends the labor pool available.

Safe Operations

With Increase of Stability Provided by Outriggers

The crane is secured to the ground with the four outriggers provide stability during lifting operations. The four outriggers contribute to safer operations by lifting an extra amount of weight at elevated heights even in tight spaces.

Climb Stairs

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Easy Movement

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