Movex Innovation Inc. is endeavouring to develop ergonomic and safe materials handling tools and equipment to that can be used to prevent serious injuries, especially back injuries, and enable organizations to offer much safer work environments to their employees.

All of our products undergo a multitude of field tests before being put on the market to ensure that our equipment meets safety and performance standards. Each model sold comes with training on its use and maintenance.

All our models are battery-powered which makes it possible to operate them inside buildings and in confined spaces, as well as outside. Furthermore, our vehicles have wireless remote controls so that operators can stay far from dangerous equipment and avoid injury. All the vehicles in our fleet produce less than 80 decibels and emit no fumes; they have a good work runtime time, and require very little maintenance.

The use of rubber tracks considerably improves traction, reduces footprint, and makes it possible to climb stairs safely. The equipment design allows it them to rotate easily.

Over the years, Movex has developed a wide range of safe and ergonomic materials handling solutions that can be used to move heavy, hard to handle products and materials on stairs, in confined spaces, and on all types of terrain.

  • Reliable and rugged
  • Versatile and efficient
  • Minimum maintenance and easy to operate
  • Sustainable development

Movex Innovation can adapt its products to all types of applications. Movex has a number of applications engineers and technicians who can find solutions to the requirements of your projects.


  • Eliminates the risk of injury when properly operated
  • Several safety features for worry-free operation


  • Stairs, uneven surfaces, rugged terrain, etc.
  • Powered by battery, alternating current, power pack, or generator
  • Goes through most doorways


  • Several powering options (does not depend on a single source)
  • Proven technology
  • Tested under harsh conditions for a period of 2 years

Low maintenance

  • Single annual maintenance required for most applications
  • Easily accessed replacement parts


  • Industrial design, built to last for many years
  • Can carry heavy loads

Easy to operate

  • Requires just one operator (can be controlled remotely)
  • Simple operation, limited number of buttons

Environmentally friendly

  • Non-polluting (battery powered)
  • Quiet
  • Can be operated inside or outside


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