• Improve the productivity, safety, and ergonomics of our customers’ tools and working methods.
  • Achieve international recognition as a provider of solutions for materials handling and as a provider of specialized tools.
  • Use the new technologies available on the market (electricity) to become part of the sustainable development process and reduce our environmental footprint.


We believe in our ability to improve the lot of workers and organizations by offering innovative products that make work safer, more ergonomic, and more effective. Our solutions are limited only by our imagination. Our fervent wish is to offer our customers products that are unique in both design and use. In practice, we favour the use of: Electricity to power our equipment for its ease of use and in order to eliminate fumes and dust, and reduce noise. Furthermore, using a wireless unit to control equipment remotely eliminates risks to employees who rarely have to touch the machine.

What drives us:

  • Courtesy
  • Willingness to listen
  • Availability
  • Rigour
  • Attention to detail as regards the quality both of our service and the delivered product


Movex Innovation Inc. is a company that develops and manufactures electric remote-controlled vehicles to transport heavy loads on stairs, in confined spaces, and on any type of terrain. Furthermore, Movex has a division that specializes in the design and manufacture of products/solutions designed for the electrical distribution and transmission industry.

Movex Innovation was founded in 2001 with an opportunity to develop equipment that makes it possible to move heavy loads on stairs. In 2001, the Track-O 75 model was created. This first generation model included a single-track system with retractable wheels. Over time, Movex has diversified its product line and thus works with a larger number of industries. Since 2005, there have been some additions: the Twin-Track 66, the Twin-Track 47, the more rugged Heavy Duty, the MINI DOZER for aluminum smelters and lately for mines, the Cross-Country for electrical distribution companies, and the Greengo materials handling system for the construction and demolition industry which makes it possible to easily move construction waste on stairs. Over time, Movex has developed a strategic relationship with Hydro-Québec that has enabled it to develop a niche specializing in the development of specialized tools for the electrical distribution industry.

Over the years, Movex has received several awards for the excellence of its innovations.


Since 2001, Movex Innovation has been selling its products internationally. In this section, you can see photos of Track-O products being used wherever there are heavy, complex loads to be moved on stairs or in confined or hard to access places, or being used for safety applications.

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