Electric Stair Climber Truck

The Track-O Twin-Track 47 is an industrial electric stair climber truck specially designed to manoeuver in confined spaces. The Track-O Twin-Track 47 has a load-bearing capacity of nearly 600 lbs (272 kg) on stairs. This model is used mainly when staircase landings are narrow or where there is limited­ room to move.

The Track-O Twin-Track 47 electric st­air climber truck can climb stairs with an angle of inclination of nearly 40 degrees. Easily moved from one place to another on a trailer or in the box of a transportation vehicle.

Technical Data Sheet Standard Model (PDF)
Turning Diameter (PDF)

  • Climbs loads up to 600 lbs (272 kg) on stairs at 40°
  • Easily crosses standard door thresholds
  • Ideal for small staircases with landing areas
  • Turning radius of 53,5 in. (135.9 cm)
  • Fits in a pick-up box or trailer
  • Manufacturing plant maintenance
  • Transport of equipment
  • Oil & Chemical Drums & Barrels transport
  • Gas tanks distribution
  • Transport of tools for engineering contractors
  • Transport of vending/amusement machines
  • Refurbishing of buildings, condos, offices, institutional facilities, shopping malls, stores, etc.
  • Installation & repair of elevators
  • Railways track maintenance (welding equipment)

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