Track-O 75

The stair climbing platform Track-O 75 is the ideal handling solution when there is no portable elevator. This model makes it possible to carry heavy or cumbersome materials on the stairs. This is our first model and the lightest. Its length gives it great stability. This portable elevator has retractable electric wheels that allow you to turn the lift manually simply by pushing it.

The stair climbing platform Track-O 75 is ideal to transport or move vending machines, safes, pianos, pool tables, photocopiers, file cabinets, wire reels, barrels, etc.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

  • First designed model of the Track-O product range
  • Narrow width
  • Single track
  • Our lightest model (575 lb/260 kg)
  • Very stable because of its length
  • Equipped with electric casters (optional)


  • Moves all type of products
  • Can be used as a portable elevator when there is none

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