Track-O Cross-Country Utility – Electrical distribution equipment

The Track-O Cross-Country Utility is an equipment specially designed for the requirements of the electrical distribution industry. This model makes it possible to transport transformers too hard to access places and install and/or replace them with the winch. This tool is very safe and very stable, making it possible to move transformers weighing nearly 2000 lbs. The Cross-Country Utility has a runtime of 4 hours and makes no noise. It can cross obstacles such as ravines, water, snow, mud. It is equipped with a box to hold tools, such as a lamp, drill, or any small tool needed by lineworkers.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Brochure (PDF)

  • Designed for outdoors works
  • Very stable on rough terrain, on snow, mud, sand, and in shallow water
  • Transport and replacement of power transformers
  • Clearance of 9 in. (22.86 cm) for obstacles or pitfalls
  • Climbs slopes of 40°
  • Continuous run-time ranging from 2.5 hrs to 4 hrs
  • Electrical converter that makes it possible to connect tools that operate on 110 volts
  • Replacement of power transformers (pole & pad mounted)
  • Equipment maintenance in hydroelectric & nuclear power plants