Remote Line Lifter

The Remote Line lifter was developed by the researchers and technicians at the Hydro-Québec Research Institute in Varennes. In 2011, Movex was awarded the international manufacturing and marketing license by the IREQ.

This remotely controlled live-live working tool for electric utilities solution makes it possible to work on single phase and/or 3 phases 35 KV power lines quickly and efficiently without having to interrupt the power. This tool is designed to be safe for lineworkers and to add to productivity and savings. It can be used to change poles and make emergency repairs in places where bucket trucks cannot be used and where traditional methods are inefficient, such as backyards lots, confined urban areas, off-road & highway locations.

Intended for ease of use with short training, can be assembled and installed on a new pole and functional within an hour by a 2 linesmen crew while reducing worktime by 50%

Brochure (PDF)

  • Reduced crew required
  • Site job productivity gains
  • Total job men.hours significantly reduced
  • Reduction of bucket truck usage
  • Remote work on energized power lines
  • Power interruptions & outages elimination
  • Drastic improvement for linemen safety and ergonomics
  • Reduction of hidden costs
  • No bad weather conditions post-ponement

According to your specifications

  • Pole replacement
  • Emergency pole repairs